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Wineo 400 - Excellent designs, excellent prices!

The Wineo 400 vinyl flooring collection is a true celebration of excellent engineering and eye-catching designs, brought t…

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Boasting a wide array of gorgeous colours, designs and style, you are sure to find the right choice for you at the right price with Wineo!

Wineo 400 Vinyl Click Flooring - Success at just a click!

The LVT click flooring of the Wineo 400 is truly something special. Nothing only available in a host of brilliant and visually pleasing designs, it also performs in an excellent manner too. This floor boasts highly impressive technical characteristics such as being highly resistant to water and equipped with fantastic slip resistance. In terms of the wear class of the collection, both class 23 and 31 are features, allowing a strong durability in domestic settings but also providing strong protection in areas of modern commercial traffic. 

In terms of fire protection, this collection is equipped with a rating of Bfl-s1. The LVT click is also featured with anti-static technology and has an anti-chemical protective layer to prevent damage from harmful chemical spills. Thinking of underfloor eating? Don't worry, this collection is compatible, as long as the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees. Worried about formaldehyde emission? This floor is rated with an emission score of E1.

Cleaning Wineo 400 luxury click vinyl flooring

Wineo vinyl click flooring can be cleaned as required at daily or longer intervals. Loose dirt can be removed by sweeping, vacuuming or damp wiping. Systems that use impregnated non-woven cloths or a floor mop are suitable for damp wiping. In case of heavy soiling with stubborn marks, a cleaning agent suitable for PU coated flooring is added to the water. The loosened dirt is then completely removed and wiped again thoroughly with clean water. Marks that are made mechanically, e.g. by shoe heels, are removed using a rotary disc machine with a soft pad.

While Wineo 400 is resistant to many chemicals, coloured wound and skin disinfectant, as well as hair dyes or bleach containing peroxide,e can cause irreversible discolouration. If there is any uncertainty regarding the use of chemical, colouring substances or foods, a resistance test should be carried out first in an inconspicuous area of the floor covering or on an uninstalled piece of flooring

In terms of installation, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions. Install the panels with the front side facing the room's main source of light. You can significantly improve the inherent stability of the installed floor by laying it in a longitudinal direction in long, narrow rooms. Always work in the installation area from left to right. In doing so, the tongue sides of the panels face the wall. Make sure that the end joints are laid with tongue and groove fitting exactly over each other and lock these together with a white rubber hammer using light taps.

To install the next rows, insert the min. 30 cm long panel leftover from the first row into the long groove of the previously installed row at an angle of approx. 30° and lower it down against the previous row with light pressure. Take the following panel, guide it at an angle also of 30° into the long side of the already installed panel of the first complete row and, in doing so, guide it as close as possible to the end side of the already installed panel and lock this in place as described above. This technique is applied to install all the remaining rows. To install the last row, the gap between the wall and installed row is measured and transferred to the panel. The last installed row should be half a panel width if possible. Bear in mind the 5 mm wide expansion joint.

Wineo Glue Down Vinyl Flooring - A solution that sticks!

Just like it's vinyl click counterpart, the Wineo 400 Glue-down range is also highly durable, versatile and built to last. Combining many of the same features of the vinyl click product such as its wear classes, slip resistance and fire rating, it is an equally excellent product! Why not select the beautiful "Moonlight Pine Pale", which features a stunning wooden finish which will truly make any visitors jealous!

Easy Installation

In terms of installation of this product, it requires slightly more effort but this is definitely worth it. In order to achieve an ideal installation result with as little material waste as possible, it is recommended to measure the corresponding surface and arranging the material format and laying pattern accordingly. Ensure you have an appropriate joint offset (approx. 30 cm for plank formats) in order to achieve a visually appealing laying pattern.

Note: In order to achieve an ideal installation and usage result, ensure you have applied sufficient adhesive to the back of the covering. Do not use more adhesive than necessary in order to prevent the adhesive from seeping out. If necessary, an adhesive test can be helpful.

The individual planks must be glued tightly and without tension and then pressed against the semi-wet adhesive bed with a suitable rubbing device. A hand roller is recommended here.

The individual planks must be glued tightly and without tension and then pressed against the semi-wet adhesive bed with a suitable rubbing device. A hand roller is recommended here. After gluing, the floor covering should also be rolled out evenly with a heavy roller (at least 50 kg). The installed area should not be used or subjected to loads until the adhesive is fully set (follow the adhesive manufacturer’s specifications).

Get Wineo 400 at BRICOFLOR Now!

Have you opted for a Wineo 400 product? Then, you can order your new vinyl flooring in our shop quickly and conveniently. With us, you will receive your new floor - thanks to our best rate guarantee - at an incredibly good price! Do you want to first test the quality of your desired floor? Then you can use our free sample service a free pattern piece at our request. If you are planning a major construction project, for example, the renovation of an office building, then you can contact us for a custom quote. We are there for you: call our hotline and online via email. We are looking forward to your message!

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