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Wineo 800 Vinyl Flooring – Diverse Designs

The Wineo 800 collection includes a wide range of attractive designs. In this collection you will find wood and stone decors as well as modern patterned floors and more subtle variations. Whether natural wood decor with planks in XL format, square mosaic tiles or plain vinyl floor - all this is available in this collection. The special feature of Wineo 800: The coverings of the individual collections can be combined.

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Wineo 800

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The Right Wineo for Everyone: From Natural Wood Optics to Trendy Mosaics

In this collection you have the choice between designs from natural to modern. If you are looking for a wood decor, then Wineo 800 Wood "Salt Lake Oak" is certainly interesting for you. The bright oak decor gives the warm color of each room a friendly atmosphere. With the Wineo 800 Stone XL "Raw Concrete" decor, you can bring an urban industrial charm to your premises. The vinyl coating realistically simulates a concrete surface. It is suitable for a modern interior design and offers the advantages of a classic design covering: it is soft, gentle on the joints and warm to the feet. The design Wineo 800 Craft "Mosaic Light" features a modern mosaic design in a bright color scheme. This decor makes for an exciting interior design and will be an eye-catcher in your rooms.

For example, you can frame your wood decor with a mosaic pattern, or you can put the patterned floor together with monochrome tiles. Choose a design floor from Wineo now and make the right decision.

Vinyl flooring for many applications

Not only by their design, but also by their functionality, the Wineo 800 LVT vinyl flooring are suitable for laying in many premises. They are awarded the service classes 23-42 and can therefore be installed in the living space, in the contract sector and in the light industry. If you are looking for a floor to furnish your entire living space, Wineo 800 is the right choice for you. It is also suitable for laying in heavily used areas such as hallway or living room. The collection also stands up to the challenges of heavily used objects. Whether department store or open-plan office: Wineo 800 cuts a good figure everywhere. Even in the normally stressed area of ​​light industry, the design flooring can be laid, for example in workshops or storerooms.

Tested Quality so that you can enjoy Wineo 800 vinyl floors for a long time

Numerous technical features ensure the impressive robustness of the design floor. The click-vinyl flooring variants have a product thickness of 5 mm, the glue down vinyl flooring is 2.5 mm thick in total. Thanks to a wear layer of 0.55 mm, all vinyl floors of the Wineo 800 collection are extremely hard-wearing. The chair roller test shows no visible change in the surface. Since the design coverings are provided with a PU-surface treatment, they are resistant to stains and also easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with household cleaning agents. You can use a cleaner for PU-coated coverings to prevent heavy soiling. Water is not a problem for design floors, so it can be laid in damp rooms. Being extremely light fast, they are resistant to sunlight bleaching even after years of exposure. The fire behavior of the stage Bfl-s1 shows that they are hardly flammable and that only a small amount of smoke develops in a fire. The vinyl floor is pollutant and emission tested and contains no phthalates. Additionally, when laying in private rooms, the manufacturer offers you a guarantee of 25 years.

Install your Vinyl Flooring with the Glue down and Click System methods

Depending on which coating you choose, you can get your new floor with the click system or with the gluing method. Regardless of which laying method you choose, you must first prepare the ground for your new floor. This must be stable and level. With a suitable filler you can compensate for any bumps such as cracks or holes in the ground. Finally, you can measure the room. In order to minimize material waste, you can plan the laying of the individual planks or tiles exactly and cut them accordingly. In order to achieve a visually appealing laying pattern, you should pay attention to a sufficient gap misalignment. Please note that you should keep a distance of 5 mm to all walls and fixed objects.

The Vinyl Click Flooring – Suited for Hobby Craftsmen

The Wineo 800 Wood, Wineo 800 Wood XL and Wineo 800 Stone XL collections are available with the click system. With this you can lay the floor with common tools in just a few steps. The individual planks and tiles are connected with each other, but not with the ground. Begin the installation by aligning the first row with the spring side to the wall. Trim the last panel of the row accordingly; the rest of these panels, which should be at least 30 cm long, can be used as the first panel of the second row. Start with the second row by placing this panel at a 30 ° angle in the longitudinal groove of the first row and lowering it with light pressure against the laid row. You can join the panels quickly and safely with a light blow with a rubber mallet. Continue on all other rows. For the last row you have to cut the panels according to the distance between the laid floor and the wall. Keep a distance of 5 mm to the wall. You can enter your new Wineo 800 design floor immediately after installation.

The Glue Down Vinyl – The Classic Lay Method

The gluing process is a bit more complicated. In this process, the design covering is firmly connected to the substrate. First select a suitable dispersion adhesive, preferably a wet-laid adhesive that is low in emissions and solvent-free. You should glue the vinyl floor over the entire surface. Pay attention to the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer regarding the quantity of compound applied. You should use so much adhesive that the pad backing is well wetted. At the same time you should not use too much, otherwise it can lead to adhesive squeezings. Glue the individual planks or tiles joint-tight and stress-free and press them into the half-wet adhesive bed, for example with a hand-operated roller. After laying the floor, it should be rolled up with a heavy chain roller. Before you can use the floor, you have to wait for the glue to set completely.

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