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The wallpapers of the fashion designer Jette Joop inspire with their modern design, the richness of facets and topicality. The daughter of the well-known fashion designer Wolfgang Joop once again shows what young and contemporary design can do for interior design.

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The fashion brand Jette is the perfect choice for friends of the classic style. With Jette wallpapers, you can give your rooms a classic touch in no time at all without having to do without modernity and sophisticated charm. You can choose from a variety of Jette patterned wallpapers and plain wallpapers.


For example, turn the living room into a cozy retreat or beautify the walls in the bedroom with Jette's magnificent ornamental wallpaper. Put an end to the boring white walls and give them new life and an extraordinary esprit with floral designs. Use the possibilities that Jette offers you with her modern wallpapers and give the walls an individual touch and prove your sense of style. And for those who like it a little more minimalist, this brand is also worth their while, as numerous Jette Joop plain wallpapers are waiting to decorate your walls.

The versatile motifs are not only suitable for redesigning an entire wall or even an entire room. Smaller corners or individual parts of the interior can also be set in the scene with Jette's wall dresses.


You like it classic and yet a little elegant and modern? Then the Jette brand is exactly the right choice for you. Simple and elegant at the same time, Jette's stylish wallpapers bring real luxury to your walls and convince them with a perfectly coordinated colour palette. The Jette Jette 4 collection's splendid but restrained baroque wallpaper with its elegant floral ornaments in sporty and elegant grey shades from slate to ice blue is a delight.

Do you like it structured and manageable? In this case, too, you should make use of the Jette 4 collection by Jette. The synergy of colours and shapes ensures that the walls appear higher and that you create even more space for yourself. For those who prefer an elegant yet straightforward style, there is the simple striped wallpaper with a subtle vintage shimmer.


If you are looking for some harmony, want to relax and just enjoy the moment, Jette leaves nothing to be desired. The tasteful floral wallpaper, which comes in various interpretations from Asian to puristic, brings you the desired peace and relaxed atmosphere. Forget everyday stress and city hustle and bustle and simply switch off. With the discreet floral wallpapers of the Jette 3 collection by Jette, you can create an open and cheerful flair, while the Asian wallpapers with bamboo design from the Jette 2 collection stand for a relaxed and restful atmosphere.


In addition to the stylish patterned wallpapers, numerous monochrome wallpapers in the collections round off the snapshot of modern living perfectly. Warm and friendly colours guarantee you a simple and at the same time friendly atmosphere in the individual rooms, while a rich spectrum of grey shades stands for modernity and straightforwardness. Combine the variety of colours with the patterned wallpapers and create your own individual style. Different structures reinforce the desired impression. Optics reminiscent of plastered walls are suitable for more modern furnishings, while linen optics and natural-looking surfaces seem a little rustic and provide positive energy.


In addition to the colours, motifs and style of wallpaper, it also depends on the materials that can be decisive for the look, application and care of your new Jette wallpaper. The Jette brand also remains true to its modern and contemporary line in terms of materiality, because in the Jette collections you will mainly find non-woven wallpapers, which have a number of advantages.

Jette wallpapers are very robust thanks to their textile fibres and are also suitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms, as they are permeable to air and vapour and water-resistant. In addition, wallpapers made of non-woven are dimensionally stable, so that they do not become damaged even in high humidity or you'll be out of line. In addition, Jette wallpapers are flame-retardant and can be easily attached to the wall and removed again. And the design wallpapers are also suitable for rooms with strong solar radiation, as they have optimum lightfastness and colour intensity.


Since the wallpapers from Jette are mainly non-woven wallpapers, the application is very easy. You can apply the paste directly to the wall and don't have to soak the wallpaper. Before you order your favourite wallpaper from Jette, however, you should first measure your walls so that you know how many wallpaper rolls you need. For wallpapers that are not free of attachments, we recommend that you add one more roll in order to prevent any possible blending. Cut the lengths of wallpaper to fit your walls, leaving about five centimetres to protrude, which you can separate cleanly if the wallpaper sticks to the wall.

Mix the paste according to the package insert and avoid the formation of lumps. You should also make sure that your walls are dry and smooth, as any unevenness on the wallpaper may be visible and damp walls may cause the wallpaper to come off the wall.

Spread the paste as evenly as possible on the wall with a tassel and brush the wallpaper strips against the wall from top to bottom with a wallpapering brush, starting in an upper corner of the room. With a patterned wallpaper, pay attention to the chosen design. If scars form between the individual strips, you can smooth them out easily with a scar roller.


With the wallpapers of the lifestyle brand Jette you can bring a restrained yet exciting design home. The Jette wall hangings, which were created in cooperation with the internationally renowned wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création, do not have to hide in any way when it comes to unusual wall design. With its versatile collections, Jette Joop brings a breath of fresh air into the world of wallpaper. The Jette brand meets both the taste of lovers of the classic style and convinces with elegant solutions also for modern furnishings and for a stylish change of wallpaper.

Jette Joop's wallpapers are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions from the best raw materials obtained from ethical forest management. In addition, the modernised production processes ensure energy-efficient production of your new Jette wall covering.


When you buy your new wallpaper from Jette in our online shop, you benefit from a number of services. Save yourself the trip to a specialist shop and the time associated with it. Choose the matching Jette decor from the comfort of your own home and save not only time and nerves but also money thanks to our best price guarantee.

With our free sample service, you can eliminate even the last doubts about your choice and get your own picture of the desired wallpaper once again. If you are planning a larger construction project, you can ask for an individual offer, specifying the desired wallpaper and the required quantity, and we will try to put together the best conditions for you.

Take the time you need and take your time to have a look around at home to see if anything is still missing for the change of wallpaper. Under the category "Accessories" you will find everything you need for a successful wallpaper change. Only complete the order when you are really sure that it is the right design and that you really have everything. With our customer-friendly and convenient payment options, you complete the order and a few days later you can give the walls a new lease of life with Jette.

Do you have any questions, wishes or suggestions? You can contact our customer service via e-mail, telephone or via our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of wallpapers by Jette and look forward to hearing from you!