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The Best Carpet Tiles For Offices

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Carpet tiles are seen by many as simply a means to an end, they are handy and they do the job required...but they can be so much more. You see, the days of the bland, purely functional carpet tiles are gone and a new rebirth has entered the carpet tile industry - many companies have created new and eye-catching designs that prove that carpet tiles don't have to be boring but can truly transform your space!


Desso is a well-respected brand in the carpet tile market  - with over 80 years of experience, it's safe to say they know what they are doing. Boasting a wide variety of different styles and designs, they offer carpet tiles that are every bit technically impressive as they are visually.

The above tile is the "DESSO ESSENCE 4301", a hugely popular carpet tile for many reasons.  Produced from 100% quality Polyamide, these carpet tiles are incredibly durable with a usage class of 33, for areas with high foot traffic and are ideal for use in the office as they are resistant to damage caused by office chairs.

Another great manufacturer of carpet tiles is the brand Interface.

A giant in the carpet tiles industry, Interface have distinguished themselves as a market leader. Formed in the US in the 19070's, the company has continued to grow and grow. The above carpet, is the beautiful  "INTERFACE NEW HORIZONS II "5594 COBALT" - This carpet consists of a loop pile, has been granted a use class of 33, meaning it can be suited for heavy footfall such as hotels or foyers and above all, is beautiful to look at!

Other excellent technical features of this carpet tile are that it suited for use in conjunction with under-floor heating and has a fire safety rating of Cfl-s1. So why not treat your workplace to a new facelift?

Schatex - The Carpet Tiles Your Room Deserves!

One brand which has helped to rejuvenate the carpet tile business is Schatex! A German company, Schatex have managed to create a huge range of different carpet tiles, each having its own unique flair and technical specifications.

The Schatex carpet tile catalogue is split into several different product ranges

  • Funky Feet
  • Schatex Living
  • Schatex Office Extreme
  • Schatex Simply Soft

Funky Feet - This collection is truly unique!  It works great in residential spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and basement game rooms. It can also be used for commercial areas like offices or even daycare centres!

Schatex Living - Here are some carpet tiles aren´t only colourful and stylish, they are also functional as well. The tiles absorb sound, so say goodbye to loud thumping and clicking heels. The flooring is also suitable for those with allergies and individuals who are sensitive to dust. The carpet binds with the dust particles in the air and holds them in.

Schatex Office Extreme- If you´re in need of a durable carpet, then look no further than Schatex Office Extreme! This collection is made specifically for offices, but you can also use them in other commercial spaces like boutiques or department stores. But that´s not all! Areas of your home such as living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways also fit in with this flooring. Because of their high wear class of 33, these carpet tiles are built to last and withstand all wear and tear.

Schatex Simply Soft -Schatex Smartline is a carpet tile where style, class, durability, and safety come together. Give your office a whole new look with the most stylish commercial carpet yet! These carpet tiles work great in all offices, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, or department stores. If you´re looking for extra durability for your home, installing this flooring in your basement or even your garage is an ideal solution.

Schatex also have many more product ranges including Traffic, Vision, Smartline & Smartline Plus as well as many more!

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