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Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles – The Perfect Solution for Storage Rooms

Self-adhesive carpet tiles are an ideal flooring solution for those secondary areas in your homes. Available in a selection of colours and surface structures, you can find a wide choice of designs for your rooms. So now you can enhance the look of those storage rooms into a more inviting and dynamic space! Choose from a selection of fresh and neutral colours, or, if you’re looking to create a more vibrant nuance, select from the expressive and bright tiles in various colours. Transform your basements and attic rooms with these simple-to-install carpet tiles at a great price!

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Self-adhesive carpet tiles

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The Variations of Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles

You can choose between three variations of self-adhesive carpet tiles including needle felt, fine weave corduroy and coarse weave corduroy carpet tiles. All of which have different advantages suited for different applications. Needle felt carpet tiles are easy to maintain by offering reliable dirt resistance, making it the perfect match rooms of frequent foot traffic. The yarn consists of 100% Polypropylene ensuring a flat surface with attractive veining. Fine weave corduroy carpet tiles feature a delicate pattern that captivates through its elegant linear structure. The course weave corduroy carpet tiles create a more intense design with its textured structure, transmitting a more comfortable and relaxed feel, better suited to the less frequented areas of your home. There are multiple colours available in these carpet tile styles, including black carpet tiles in anthracite and lighter tones like beige, as well as more colourful options like red and blue carpet tiles. Additionally, the great advantage that carpet tiles allow, is the possibility to match different carpet tile colours to create unique designs and patterns. So get creative and combine different colours to transform your space into a more dynamic area!

Experience More Pleasant Room Conditions with Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles

The general benefits of installing carpet tiles include the pleasant underfoot feeling and improved room acoustics they can provide. Additionally, carpet tiles are especially ideal flooring solutions for people with dust allergies thanks to the dust absorbent properties that effectively improve the indoor air quality of rooms. This is particularly convenient for those basement and attic rooms that can often be excluded from regular vacuuming and cleaning.

If you ever decide to transform your attic into a playroom or office, the sound reducing capabilities will ensure that the rest of the family can enjoy a quiet house. The Coarse Weave Corduroy is especially applicable for this kind of use. 

A Convenient and Simple Laying Method

As the name suggests, these carpet tiles are self-adhesive and therefore do not need any additional glue to lay. These carpet tiles feature a strong adhesive backing which ensure sturdy laying. The square carpet tiles are extremely easy to transport and handle during installation, and what’s more, the very nature of laying your carpet tile-by-tile results in less time required to install and reduces the necessity of excess carpet to fit your room dimensions. Making it an eco-friendly and money-saving choice!

Buy Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles Online at BRICOFLOR!

Explore our selection of self-adhesive carpet tiles in felt, fine and course weave format! Browse the different colours available to begin the process of transforming those storage and hobby areas of your home! Benefit from not only the great prices, but also our free sample service to convince yourself of these great quality carpet tiles!