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Self-Adhesive Needle Felt Carpet Tiles – An Easy to Manage Alternative to Conventional Carpeting

Carpets are often difficult to transport and install, which is why we usually pay professionals to do the work for us! However, if you are searching for a solution to these large efforts, look no further! Self-adhesive carpet tiles, as the name suggests, do not require any extra adhesives and can be easily transported. What’s more, they are extremely easy to install quickly by simply laying the tiles down individually. Even those in rooms with unique shapes can be renovated easily thanks to the manageable nature and dimensions of these carpet tiles. The delicate veining of Needle Felt surfaces delivers a unique look and the finely cut yarn produces an attractive depth in the carpet tile, whilst also creating a reliable dirt resilience. This type of budget flooring is especially useful for rooms that are not regularly used like attics or basements.

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Self-adhesive Needle Felt Carpet Tiles

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Self-Adhesive Needle Felt Carpet Tiles Available in a Variety of Colours

This distinctive looking Needle Felt structure provides this carpet tile with an enticing visual impression. The compilation of multiple nuances within the same colour delivers perfect synergy and at the same time creates a very attractive veining. In total, there are 7 tones you can pick from, ranging between classic to rich nuances. These self-adhesive carpet tiles  are available in a neutral grey and anthracite or in a warmer brown and soft beige. If neither of these colours catch your interest, there are still more vivid options, such as forest green, ocean blue or even a fiery red to produce an impressive and lively atmosphere. In case you do not want to limit yourself to just one type, there is always the possibility to combine different colours and make your own special creation, e.g. a mixture of classical and vivid nuances.

Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles – An Affordable Flooring Solution for Storage Rooms

Self-adhesive carpet tiles are the ultimate solution for those scarcely used rooms like attics and basements. They are a convenient and low-priced solution for hobby rooms with minimal traffic. Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene, this impressive product can add a positive look and feel to any overlooked room. Another great advantage of carpet tiles is the footfall sound insulation that helps to reduce the noise and therefore provides a more pleasant living environment for the whole family.

Fool Proof Installation of Self-Adhesive Needle Felt Carpet Tiles

These simple peel and stick carpet tiles offer a stress-free way to implement a new floor to your home minus the hassle of transporting a heavy carpet roll and adjusting it to the dimensions of your rooms. The installation simply involves laying the tiles down individually. The size of 40cm x 40cm, small enough to ensure smooth transportation and unproblematic installation, even in those unique and angled rooms.

Choose BRICOFLOR for Your Self-Adhesive Needle Felt Carpet Tiles!

Look through our online shop and choose your favourite colour of these amazing cheap carpet tiles that are available for as little as £1.00 per tile. You cannot get any better value for money than with this product. Still in doubt? Then order a free sample and convince yourself of this promising quality product!