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Self-adhesive carpet tiles – The perfect solution for storage rooms

When people plan a new decoration in their house, often times the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathroom are the points of interest. Those are the most important living spaces for any family. However, other rooms, such as the attic or a basement are often forgotten and as a result look bleak and run-down. But even those rooms can be upgraded visually and give you an extra space in your house instead of just having another storeroom that is completely neglected. Self-adhesive carpet tiles are the ideal solution for your secondary areas. These tiles are available in neutral and discreet colours, but also in more vibrant nuances to lighten up a basement room or attic. Once you picked your favourite colour, the only remaining choice you have to make is decide on which surface you prefer. There are 3 different types befitting any specific need and wish. As the name suggests, self-adhesive carpet tiles do not need additional adhesives to be installed. These loose-lay products are easy to implement, very cost-effective and can greatly improve a tedious looking room. Browse our online store and find all colours and different types of self-adhesive carpet tiles for the best price available in the UK.

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Self-adhesive carpet tiles

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Three versions of self-adhesive carpet tiles in 17 different colours

You can choose between 3 variations of self-adhesive carpet tiles and a multitude of colours to find the right match for your room decoration.

If you want a reliable and even flooring, the Needle Felt carpet tiles are easy to maintain and dirt resistant, making it the perfect match for any room that people enter with shoes or generally has frequent traffic. The yarn consists of 100% Polypropylene ensuring a flat surface with an attractive veining. This carpet tile type is available in 7 different colours, the classic and more neutral tones as well as more vivid nuances. You can pick either something neutral like grey or anthracite or you can go with a lighter beige and intense brown. If that does not fit your taste, there is always a more vibrant red or blue to help create a more warm and homely atmosphere.

 There is a similar availability of colours within the other two types, Fine Weave Corduroy and Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles. Each of them provide 6 different nuances that offer a certain depth to the tile thanks to surface. Self-adhesive Fine Weave Corduroy carpet tiles have a special and delicate pattern that captivates through its elegant linear structure. The Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles create a more intense design with its structure, transmitting a more comfortable and relaxed feel. You can order pretty much the same colours as with the Needle Felt with exception of red.

Regardless of which design you choose, there is the possibility to mix multiple colours and create your own unique design for an impressive looking floor. If it is the Needle Felt you are interested in, you can combine all 7 colours or just go with anthracite and red. The same counts for the 2 types of Corduroy. Be creative and mingle complimentary colours for the best visual impact possible.

Experience a more pleasant living with self-adhesive carpet tiles

In most areas of the house carpets are already established – The pleasant underfoot feeling and other benefits can quickly convince people that this is the right choice. So why not implement this type of flooring into your attic or basement. For these places, carpet tiles are the perfect choice. Precisely in those rooms, it is often forgotten to vacuum or clean regularly and then they become dusty and filthy, which leads to residents losing the incentive to spend time there. This is where self-adhesive carpet tiles come in handy, especially for people with dust allergies, since they have dust absorbent properties that effectively improve the indoor air quality of rooms layered with this type of flooring. If you ever decide to transform your attic into a play room or office, the sound reducing capabilities will ensure that the rest of the family can enjoy a quiet house. The Coarse Weave Corduroy is especially applicable for this kind of use. 

Simple installation with this self-adhesive product

As the name suggests, these carpet tiles are self-adhesive and therefore do not need any additional glue to be implemented. All you need to do is pull off the layer on the back and then you can lay them on the ground and you will have your new floor ready for use within minutes. The tiles come in a square format, which simplifies the transportation of them as well as the following installation. With this type of flooring, there is less need to cut large parts in order to fit it. Thus, you will help the environment by creating less waste and on top of that, you will save money and time.

Buy self-adhesive carpet tiles online on BRICOFLOR UK

Visit our online shop and you will find self-adhesive Needle Felt as well as Fine and Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles. Browse the different colours and once you have made a decision do not hesitate to contact us and we will process your order. In case there are still some doubts we can send you free samples and you are free to convince yourself of these quality products.

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