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Base.59 Parquet Flooring - Attractive Entry-level Models For The Home

Among the floor coverings, engineered wood flooring are considered paramount. It is not without reason that they are regarded as the most attractive flooring whilst being particularly high quality parquet flooring. Base.59 real wood flooring performs well with its selection of appealing single planks and ship deck style that will fill your living space with balance and tranquility, whilst at the same time being of excellent quality and still remain affordable. You can look forward to a stylish and, above all, durable floor - this is proven by a manufacturer's warranty of 15 years, which you can certainly rely on when used in the living area.


Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1103"
£46.71 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Beech 1110"
£41.31 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1101"
£44.91 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1102"
£46.71 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1108"
£61.11 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1106"
£62.91 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1107"
£62.91 per m²

Engineered Wood Flooring

Base.59 Parquet "Oak 1109"
£64.71 per m²

Renovation friendly parquet floor in friendly colours

Nothing is more annoying than to find out in the course of the renovation work that the parquet sticking out of the door at an excessive height. In such a case, either the door must be sanded or a new flooring purchased. This will not happen to you with the wooden flooring from base.59! Because they are available, among other things, in a total thickness of 11 mm, which makes them a reliable partner for renovation projects. With this format, you can choose between nine designs in single plank or ship's deck look. While decors in the ship's deck design fill the room with energy and liveliness, single plank flooring scores points with a classically elegant appearance. The colours focus on light and medium nuances that radiate lightness and harmony. Therefore, you can easily combine these variants with different furnishing styles. The natural texture of the wood is underlined by the balanced grading, which shows a subtle level of cracks and knotholes.

Optimal combination of authentic look and durability – real wood flooring from base.59

If you want a more robust floor for your home, then you can additionally opt for one of the five variants with a total thickness of 14 mm. These have a strong wear layer of 3 mm, which promises a high durability. All decors of this format are designed as planks, which look even more natural through a special detail: The boards are provided with a longitudinal or with a circumferential bevels, creating the impression of light joints. In this way, each individual plank remains recognisable as such, so that the planks give an authentic overall picture. In this selection, you will find variants in medium and darker brown shades, which are ideal for a rustic style. Not only your eyes will be delighted by the appealing plank flooring - your feet will also be offered a real experience with a special surface finish. Depending on the product you will feel a brushed or planed structure when walking on the ground.

Laying finished parquet - no difficult task

For the installation of parquet flooring you do not necessarily have to hire a craftsman, because nowadays more and more manufacturers are equipping their products with practical click systems, which make laying even without much manual experience possible. The engineered wood flooring from base.59 are also equipped with such a system - ClickTec. This allows the individual planks to be linked together with little effort, so that you can enter your new floor after a short time. This type of floating installation works without any glue, but requires footfall sound insulation as a base to avoid loud noises. Before the renovation work, you should check the substrate for any unevenness and, if necessary, clean it with a leveling compound. In addition, so that there are no bulges in the flooring later, you should always keep a distance of 15 mm to all walls and fixed components. You can do this by using several spacer wedges.

Great flexibility in attachment

If you want more stability in your floor, you can rely on a full-surface gluing instead of the floating installation. Since the substrate and the planks form a firm connection with this variant, you do not need any impact sound insulation. Why not invest the money in underfloor heating - thanks to the low thermal resistance, the prefinished parquet can easily be combined with underfloor heating systems that run on a hot water basis. So you and your feet are always accompanied by a pleasant warmth, which promises even more relaxation in everyday life.

Discover base.59 parquet available now from BRICOFLOR

With the base.59 parquet you can give your home a natural charm, without having to compromise on functionality. If you want to get an idea of ​​the quality and appearance of the planks, you can always use our free sample service. You choose up to four decors and we will send you the matching samples. You have already decided on an execution? Then order them with just a few clicks through our online shop and look forward to an unbeatable price thanks to our best price guarantee. If you need large quantities of product, you can save even more! Contact us and ask for an individual offer. We are available for you by phone, via e-mail or via the contact form, you can always contact us. Our expert advice takes time for your concerns and will be happy to assist you in all matters.

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