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Talking about industrial floors is never easy. The problems that arise daily in factories or manufacturing plants are many, and not all floorings are able to withstand the wear. An industrial or gym environment has to cope with humidity and drastic temperature changes and is also constantly subject to loads and demands. Machinery, free weights, forklifts, and other heavy loads affect these floorings on a daily basis, as well as possible scratches from general wear and tear. All these are enemies to the floor, ready to spoil the appearance of these industrial floors.


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The portrait of a good industrial floor

It goes without saying that industrial floors used in these contexts must meet a number of technical and mechanical requirements. Normally cement floors are used and perhaps reinforced with quartz or varnish. Which many also use an epoxy resin that offer a little more protection to the Workshop floor. But these solutions are often not enough. Consistency and robustness are not the only ingredients needed to achieve a reliable industrial floor. To achieve an optimal gym floor, the right amount of flexibility must be added. Is there a solution to all these requirements?

Fortelock vinyl tiles: make the right choice for your industrial floor!

The answer is yes! The biggest innovation of PVC garage flooring is currently being offered by the Czech manufacturer Fortemix, who now establish its excellent Fortelock-System in the market. Discover the great properties that Fortemix manages to extract from PVC with its Fortelock collection, available to you in all sorts of colours and shapes! Let yourself be convinced by the robustness of the various models, the sustainable awareness of the company and the extremely cost-effective prices of the Fortelock ECO series. You can find the entire Fortelock industrial vinyl flooring range in our online shop.

Fortemix Industrial flooring - All the best of pvc

That the use of PVC in industrial areas is really practical is an undeniable fact. Fortemix, one of the leading brands in the industrial flooring market, proposes the best solutions, ideal for factories, workshops, and manufacturing. These vinyl tiles for industrial purpose are full of quality, precision, and aesthetics. They are 50 x 50 cm tiles, only 8 mm thick, weighing 2.2 kg, and capable of supporting almost any type of load and requirement. The 2010/2020/2040 Fortelock line offers industrial flooring that is highly resistant to abrasion, prolonged use (group T), and sunlight.

In addition, these industrial vinyl tiles offer high fire resistance and are non-slip, thus guaranteeing your workers an unparalleled safety working environment. Don't forget the ECO variant: low-emission, 100% recyclable PVC industrial flooring. PVC industrial flooring can enhance any working environment, as well as ensuring a safe environment. If you want to see the quality of these industrial floors first hand, don't hesitate to make use of our sample service, or you can also ask for a personalised quote for larger amounts required! You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or via our contact form, and we look forward to hearing from you!

pvc industrial flooring - Practical and innovative high resistance vinyl industrial flooring

Innovation and current technology offer us vinyl tiles for industrial use, a mixture of technique and aesthetics capable of satisfying any practical, safety and stability requirement. PVC industrial flooring is extremely practical, thanks to its ingenious tile joining system patented by one of the best manufacturers in the sector, Fortemix. They are also safe because, unlike resins and cements, they are non-slip and have a high level of fire resistance. These industrial floors are stable products, with a guarantee of more than 10 years, thanks to the resistant nature of the tiles. Why not use black and white vinyl tiles and create a chessboard effect? Or draw lines on the floor of your work area as a guide?

Versatile, resistant and with good properties - industrial floors 

The Fortelock industrial floor is head and shoulders above the rest due to its great versatility. No matter which particular model you decide on, Fortelock will provide you with reliable performance with its 25-year lifespan. The manufacturer has put a lot of effort into each of its collection lines making its products available for private, commercial, and even public use. Considering all of the manufacturer's application proposals for the Fortelock system, it is easy to see that these industrial floors are not just intended to hold machinery or workshop inventory. Fortelock recommends its industrial flooring system in vinyl tiles for the following locations:

The optimal Commercial spaces to use for Fortelock flooring: Offices, Sales and Exhibition stands, Shopping centers, Gyms/ Sports facilities, pavilions, and Schools.

The optimal workshops/ Industrial spaces to use for Fortelock flooring: Mechanical workshops, Power plants, Factories, Garages, and hangers.

The best heavy-duty service spaces to use Fortelock flooring:  Police and fire stations, stations and airports, Industrial engineering areas, Hospitals.

The advantages of Fortelock's vinyl tile system is the flame retardant, non-slip, soundproofing, and ease of the installation process. Only 1 hour of installation for a surface area of 46 square meters (gluing is optional, recommended only for loads over 1.5 tonnes). Fortelock's industrial flooring is therefore directly usable and durable, unlike other materials that must undergo a long drying process. With Fortelock, you are ready in no time at all and can get on with your daily activities immediately. This unique vinyl tile system does not slow you down at all, but maintains your productivity!

Industrial pvc flooring at the best price!

Having already mentioned the virtues and characteristics that distinguish industrial vinyl tiles from other types of flooring, let's now move on to the important issue. How much does it cost to cover the floor of your work area with an industrial vinyl tile floor? Surprisingly much less than you think! The price of a PVC industrial floor is very low compared to other industrial floors used in high load-bearing buildings, such as cement or epoxy resins. If we consider the costs of materials, installation, and maintenance, the balance falls in favour of these PVC industrial floors, and not only for economic reasons. Or rather, while time is money, PVC industrial flooring will also help you save a lot. You can have an industrial floor with these vinyl tiles ready in less than a day.


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