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Wineo 800: Natural designs and top performance in one

In the Wineo 800 LVT Click collection, you'll find a large selection of wood and stone decors, all which look deceivingly realistic thanks to their natural, sophisticated design. The collection can inspire almost anyone with its stylish decors that blend harmoniously with almost any style of a room.

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Wineo 800 Click Vinyl

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The decors in the Wineo 800 Wood, 800 Wood XL and 800 Stone collections have a subtle and sophisticated surface structure that's surprisingly natural and offers a pleasant feel and look. Whichever style you prefer, the Wineo LVT not only offer appealing looks but also promises a long life expectancy thanks to high technical quality. With the Wineo 800 luxury vinyl click flooring collection, you can have an easy to install a floor, a flawless design and an effortless style, all in one product! Let the Wineo 8000 collection transform your room into a space that truly makes a statement. 

Wood decors for almost any room: Wineo 800 Wood is a versatile partner         

The Wineo collection offers stunning wood decors in various designs and formats. The Wineo 800 Wood "Copenhagen Frosted Pine", for example, is a light grey decor in pine optics that, thanks to its dimmed colour scheme, fits into countless different room designs. The Wineo 800 Wood "Salt Lake Oak" decor offers a warm, bright oak design.

This wood tone and grain can give any room a friendly and natural atmosphere. A world apart from this, you'll find the Wineo 800 Wood "Sicily Dark Oak“, which is available in XXL format and will be sure to give a strong Mediterranean flair to your space, thanks to its dark oak design. Take a look at the many different designs available. You're almost sure to find what you're looking for!

Authentic stone designs for every taste: Wineo 800 Stone

Warm, cosy, homely. With 10 authentic stone decorations, the Wineo 800 offers a complete selection of both modern and classic decors for anyone in the market for a stone look. Regardless of what exactly you’re looking for, with Wineo 800 Stone you can find what your heart desires. And because it's not an actual solid stone floor, you'll get the impression and mood of high-quality mineral flooring, with neither the expense nor hassle. These floors are not only durable but also easy to care for.

From the living room to a workshop: Wineo 800 luxury vinyl click feels everywhere at home

The floors in this collection have an impressive wear class of 23/33/42 which means that they're suitable for installation in residential, commercial, and even industrial areas. In residential applications, even the highest frequented spaces are no problem. These are, for example, hallways and living rooms. In commercial or project applications, you can install this floor in even the most heavily used areas, such as department stores, schools or large offices. And lastly, in industrial applications, you can install this floor in moderately used areas, such as storage rooms or workshops. This all is thanks to the Wineo 800's excellent wear resistance.

Practical and innovative: Wineo 800 vinyl click flooring

Thanks to the vinyl click flooring system you'll find in Wineo's 800 collections, this flooring can be installed quickly and easily. The click system works with a tongue-and-groove system, similar to the systems traditionally found on parquet and laminate floorboards. Begin by aligning the first row of planks with the groove side facing the wall. Place the first plank of the next row, by connecting the tongue and groove at a 30-degree angle, and slowly lowering the plank into place.

The tongue and groove should be superimposed to connect correctly. The quickest, easiest, and the most secure way to join the planks is by using a light rubber hammer to securely lock the tongue and groove together. This ensures the highest possible structural integrity of the floor. Work your way through the room until the new floor is entirely installed. A big advantage of this system is that the floor can be used right after the last plank has snapped in place.

Guaranteed quality: Wineo LVT click flooring

The flooring panels from the Wineo 800 click lock vinyl flooring collection with click system are available in the size of 121,2 by 18,5 centimetres, as well as the XL size of 150,5 by 23,7 centimetres. The stone designs are available in a tile-like size of 91,4 by 48 centimetres. The wear layer on all Wineo 800 products is 0,55 millimetres thick, and therefore extremely robust and scratch-resistant. All flooring boards with click system are 5 millimetres thick. Wineo design LVT can be installed over underfloor heating systems without issues, and can also be installed in damp spaces. It boasts an extremely high light fastness and a PU surface coating. This repels dirt and stains, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

The surface coating also contributes to the floor being difficult to ignite and limiting smoke formation, as proven by a fire safety class of Bfl-s1. In addition to that are the floors stain resistant, hard wearing, and can withstand use of castor chairs. This means that cleaning is easier, and permanent damage is less likely to occur. Household cleaning agents are more than sufficient in the vast majority of situations, and the strongest of stains can be cleaned with a cleaning agent suitable for PU surfaces. They are effective without damaging the floor.

The floorboards are also free of phthalates and are tested to have close to no emissions of VOC's and no harmful chemicals. Once the time has come to replace the floor, the old flooring boards can be disposed of along with normal household waste. But that's a worry of the distant future. Wineo even offers 25 years of warranty if you install your 800 vinyl flooring in a residential area.

Get your Wineo 800 vinyl click flooring now, at BRICOFLOR!

BRICOFLOR's online store offers you the many decors of the Wineo 800 vinyl flooring collection at the best price you'll find online, thanks to our time-tested best price guarantee. If you're planning a larger building or renovation project, please don't hesitate to contact us for a tailored quote. This is, naturally, free of charge and with no strings attached. If you're not yet entirely sure which design suits your style or preference best, we offer a free sample service.

You can easily order one or more samples, to get the best possible impression of the floor, right from the comfort of your living room. If you have any questions or concerns, we're always on standby to help you out. Contact us easily via email or phone. We're looking forward to your enquiry!