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Project Floors floors@home/40 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring: The Perfect Combination of Design and Functionality

The brand manufacturer Project Floors has specialised in vinyl floor coverings over the last few years and has therefore changed its complete range as part of a modernisation and market alignment to meet the latest customer requirements. So, four collections evolved into two large collections, in which an attractive and technically suitable vinyl covering is available for every kind of interior use. With the selection floors@home/40, Project Floors offers you a complete package of different designs in wood and stone optics for the heavily frequented living area, as well as for commercial use, which is equipped with numerous quality features.

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Project Floors floors@home/40

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The perfect combination of design and functionality will delight decorators, home owners, tenants and architects alike. Thanks to the selected optics, you are spoiled for choice. Explore in the online shop BRICOFLOR for your favorite now, and introduce these high quality designs that will transform your interiors.

Flooring in Authentic Wood and Stone Design: Project Floors floors@home/40 Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

Project Floors’ floors@home/40 collection, which imitates the look of various wood and stone structures are timelessly classic and equally modern. The particularly authentic designs come in a choice of 16 plank-sized wood optics, in a spectrum from light to dark tones that produce uniquely different spatial effects for each living area. The futuristic effect this luxury vinyl plank collection creates, can be percieved in the variant floors@home/40 "PW 1261"under Evidence by Project Floors. The glue down vinyl flooring has an expressive coloration which classy and contemporary. The chamfered edges also ensure a particularly realistic appearance and can be supplemented by a so-called joint profile. This specifically lifts the individual planks out of the room image and, for example, can provide a particularly individual and futuristic look when choosing a white profile. Among the stone patterns you can choose between variants such as the anthracite-colored Project Floors floors@home/40 "SL 306". This expressive vinyl slate provides a classy interior that exudes a touch of luxury in your rooms.

Project Floors’ floors@home/40 collection – a state-of-the-art décor, yet classic addition to fulfill your interior dreams. 

Project Floors floors@home/40 - High-Quality Glue-down vinyl flooring for Residential and Contract Use

Depending on the equipment, this LVT vinyl flooring is designed for a wide range of applications. The full range of possibilities is demonstrated by the flexible vinyl from the Project Floors floors@home/ 40 collection. Classification into service classes 23, 32 and 41 allows the design flooring to be laid both in residential and contract areas and in low-traffic, industrially used rooms. So the vinyl is particularly suitable for the busy residential area, but can also be installed in shops, offices and various other areas. Even in damp rooms, such as bathrooms, a laying is easily possible. With this spectrum, the design floor of this selection is a true "all-rounder", which is also pleasant to handle with a total construction of 2.00 mm.

Easy Handling and Permanent Installation: Project Floors Vinyl Flooring floors@home/40

With a total weight of 3.47 kg/m², a total construction of 2.00 mm and a wear layer thickness of 0.4mm, floors@home/40 from Project Floors is a strong partner in all areas and at the same time very user-friendly. Laying the flexible flooring in tile or plank format is done by the full-surface bonding with the substrate of each room. For this, it must be prepared for renovation by eliminating any surface of bumps and removing dirt and grease. Once the glue is layed onto the prepared surface, the room is ready for the installation of the luxury vinyl flooring. Once completely linstalled and the adhesive bed has dried, the glue down flooring is firmly connected to the substrate. Vinyl flooring by Project Floors are particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Scratches and other damage do not stand a chance, and even the cleaning of the flooring is done with no hassle. Due to its resistance to chemicals, the design floor can be cleaned quickly and easily, even with household cleaning chemicals.

High Technical Features: Project Floors floors@home/40

The glue down vinyl flooring from the Project Floors floors@home/40 collection is characterised by the perfect symbiosis of design and technology. With a wealth of technical quality features, there are numerous benefits for your everyday life. In addition to quality features such as the fire behavior Bfl-s1, which makes the design floor flame-retardant, the vinyl is characterized by slip resistance R9, DS slip resistance and many other quality features. These include, among other things, a wheelchair suitability (type W), through which even desk chair wheels cannot cause damage to the floor covering. Thanks to an additional impact sound reduction of 2 dB, the flexible flooring creates a wholesome experience. In addition to a pleasant and quiet room climate Project Floors attaches particular importance to good manufacturing practice. Thus, the vinyl is free from harmful phthalates and thus harms neither humans nor the environment.

Project Floors floors@home/40: A Perfect Symbiosis of Design and Technology

The glue down vinyl flooring of the floor@home/40 collection by Project Floors is a real all-rounder. In addition to carefully selected designs, the vinyl has many indispensable quality features, making the flooring a particularly strong renovation partner. This creates a perfect symbiosis of design, technology and benefits that makes it affordable. Convince yourself of the well-rounded quality experience of the floors@home/40 collection. You can now find your favourite amongst the floors@home/40 range in the BRICOFLOR online shop.