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The French designer Daniel Hechter sets real eye-catchers not only in terms of fashion and clothing. The wallpaper of the well-known designer convince with a sporty elegance and create a young ambience in clear and noble color nuances.

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Daniel Hechter

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There are not only different designs and styles to choose from, but a variety of materials that make the wallpapers different and yet individually applicable. Many people shy away from wallpapering a room because it adds a lot of effort and stress to it. The benefits of the wallpaper are commonly ignored. It only needs to be put on the wall once. While in choosing to paint the walls, in many cases, the color must be applied twice or even three times. With wall decor, you can also work more precisely and you don't have to mask everything, as it is with painting. Even the quantity of materials needed for wallpapering is not bigger than other design options. You only need a knife, paste, and of course the wallpaper. Although the paste will not always be necessary - because now there are variants that are self-adhesive which translates to a reduction in the work. On top of that, they bring with them the advantage that the installation is a lot cleaner and there is no need to carry out a major cleaning operation.


A variety of brands and manufacturers allow you to choose from a range of decors that could not be more diverse. The different styles will make it easy to give each room its own ambiance. Romp around with a variety of collections and styles and become a real interior decorator.

The range of styles ranges from classical through modern to floral decors, which not only beautify the walls but also have something to say. Live your own style and take the liberty of designing the space accordingly to your wishes. Whether you want to change the living room, bedroom or children's room - with wallpaper you can create everything. The wallpapers are not only suitable for your own four walls, but can also attach great in the office and give it a new flair. Wall hangings also open up completely new doors in private spaces or shops. Combine the collections with each other or with each other and create a complete motto. Show your individuality in each customized room. Even the universities that every brand has in their range can easily find a place in all rooms and give you the opportunity to bring color to any room!


An abundance of different styles is just waiting to make a difference with you. Both friends of classical variants, as well as lovers of modernity, are served. Each brand offers different collections with different styles. If you like ornaments that extend over a noble background, it should not be lacking. However, if you prefer clear structures and are a bit OCD, you also have a choice that will give you great pleasure. Also for the welfare of nature lovers is taken care of. With the floral style, you can bring nature directly to the walls and ensure that even in winter the flowers are blooming. Give the rooms a new shine through the variety that is available to you. Set accents through the borders and create an ambiance that will remain in the memory of your visitors.

Rooms often reflect the person who lives in them. Show that you are a cosmopolitan person and have a taste for style. Set a new trend with the design through a selection of wallpapers and stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of the charm of different styles and get through your new walls another world home or work.
Make room for yourself, because with the right wallpaper, you can make rooms look bigger and develop even more. With the variety that you have, you can also point out clear boundaries and make optical separations. Simply transform part of the living room into a reading corner through matching decor and separate it from the rest of the room. Forget bare, drab walls and get life into the premises. Give your home or office a new spirit that will make a difference in your life. Expand your horizons and embark on a voyage of discovery with different decors or experience an adventure through the various designs together with your children. Whether for the kids or the young adults, it will definitely make you find something that will spark pure enthusiasm. Processed to the smallest detail, you can conjure up the charm of a loft or create the style of a country house and so easy to switch off and everyday life for a while

With wallpaper, you can do much more than just decorate the walls. You can do a complete makeover. Take the word change of scenery seriously and discover the countless possibilities and opportunities that you can achieve with the collection of wall-wear. Make it comfortable and let yourself be carried away to another world that you have created yourself and where you can rest.


Not only the variety of designs and different styles is decisive for wall hangings. Also, the different materials and kinds, which accompany with wallpapers, have all for themselves characteristics and offer design clearance. Here the wide range is opened up as well. There are paper wallpapers that are breathable and require short soaking time. Structural profile wallpapers have a three-dimensional effect and set optical highlights. They also have a short soaking time. The vinyl wallpapers also have a gloss embossing, which gives the whole look of the different decors the necessary gloss. With non-woven wallpapers, you have a material that does not require any soaking time and can be applied directly to the wall. If the wall hangings are also to be insulating, velvet wallpapers are a perfect choice, as they also provide sound insulation. If you have a large picture in front of your eyes, which extends over your entire wall, photo wallpapers are exactly the right choice. In order to be able to set the right accent no matter which material you choose, you can simply use borders that are either self-adhesive or have only a short soaking time.

Regardless of which material you prefer and what kind of wallpaper you want to have on your wall in the future, all have one thing in common. Due to the high-quality processing forms, you have a high degree of quality. You do not have to worry about the sunlight, because your new wall hangings do not fade due to the lightfastness.

The types of wallpaper also provide enough variety. Create different impressions with your new wall hangings through the different types. With 3D designs, you can play a trick on your eyes and those of your guests. Get a crumpled paper that looks like glued to the wall or a bookshelf that will tempt you and make you want to access it. With the velvet wallpaper, you can bring a luxurious feeling home and feel like in a palace.


Wallpapering is often associated with a lot of stress and effort. Forget everything you have experienced with wallpaper and enjoy a future in which everything is done in the twinkling of an eye! Due to the high-quality raw materials that are processed, you don't have to be afraid of them tearing and you have to start all over again. A part of our selection is self-adhesive and makes it even easier for you to attach them to the wall. For those who are not, however, you only need a small amount of paste and the wall hangings will hold without problems on the walls. No previous knowledge is required and yet you will achieve results as if you were a professional.

The modern production techniques of wallpapers make it easier and easier to bring them to the wall without much effort and in a short time. Unpack and start right away. Simply roll out a sheet, spread a little paste on it and it will decorate your wall. Use the matching patterns to create an overall picture that looks like a small work of art. In no time at all, you can combine the different styles and live out your creative side to the full.

Become a trendsetter with the wallpapers from our shop and make sure that you will feel even more comfortable in the future. For the attachment of the wall hangings, we recommend the universal paste. This makes the decoration even easier than it already will be. Use the pressure roller to get the new wallpapers as smooth on the wall as if they had always been there. Use the comfort and take everything you need from one source.


Even after you have effortlessly brought the wallpaper to the wall, you won't have much work to do with maintenance. Cleaning the new wall coverings is just as easy as wallpapering itself. Simply take a cloth and remove the dirt from the wall decoration. So you will enjoy the different decors for a long time.
If at some point you feel like changing your wallpaper, you will also be very enthusiastic about this point. Most of the wallpapers we offer can be completely removed.


In the wallpaper sector, two manufacturers are way ahead. A.S. Création with headquarters in Gummersbach and Rasch, which has its headquarters in Bramsche. These two manufacturers are internationally renowned for their high-quality wall hangings and each year launch new collections on the market which stand out from the crowd not only because of their quality but also because of their versatility. These manufacturers also produce wall decors for a large number of brands.

One of these brands is Schöner Wohnen. Known by the magazine, which already helps humans for years to beautify the dwelling and with many tipps and tricks hardly still is to be excluded. Architects Paper is a brand that is particularly popular with interior decorators and architects and with which you can feel like a true professional. The magazine Brigitte is also present with its BRIGITTE Home brand and, in addition to the interior design guides, also helps with the matching wallpapers to achieve a result that lets you feel a new way of living. Of course, designers should not be missing when it comes to wall decorations, and so the designer Barbara Becker has also launched her brand B.B. Home Passion, a brand full of passion for wall cladding.

Do you like to wear Esprit fashion? Then you can also indulge in your own four walls or the Esprit Home office. What is not to be missed in the wardrobe will also give your rooms a fresh breeze and thus ensure the right esprit. Daniel Hechter is a well-known French designer and brings with his wallpapers the flair of a fashion show directly to you and inspires with elegant decors. Just as elegant and luxurious are the wall hangings from Versace Home, which invite you to make something extravagant out of your home.


Thanks to the ultra-modern production techniques, with every brand you have a quality product that will decorate your walls in the future. The employees put every single decoration through its paces and thus guarantee you not only the highest quality when it comes to the presentation of the wallpaper, but also the materials and workmanship of your future wall decoration. Only the best raw materials are used to present you with wall outfits that will be long-lasting.


In our online shop, more than 3,900 wallpapers are waiting to be moved in and to give the rooms a new life together with you. We have a large selection for every taste so that you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.
With just a few clicks you have found the wallpaper of your dreams and a short time later it will be delivered to you. No longer dream of change, take it into your own hands. Use for this our service offers, which simplify the order of your desired wallpaper many times over. If you would like to have a more precise impression of how good the selected design looks in your premises, use our free sample service. Once you have made your decision, you can benefit from our best price guarantee when ordering, which guarantees you the best price. And if you are planning larger construction projects, you can request an individual offer. Our staff will be happy to help you and find a price that satisfies both sides. Order your new wallpapers now in our shop! We look forward to seeing you!