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Heuga Interlay – A Loose-Lay Underfloor For Added Comfort

Friday, 10 June 2016

In case you were wondering, this new product type of Heuga is not a carpet tile. Heuga underlay sits between your floor and your carpet tiles as an extra buffer, providing maximum comfort and room noise reduction. It is a remarkably sturdy underfloor, specially designed to be fitted together with Heuga carpet tiles and is therefore manufactured with the same measurements (50cm x 50cm) and loose-lay format.

No more tip-toeing thanks to Heuga Interlay

This Heuga flooring option is mainly targeted at domestic homes. It can greatly improve your living quality by softening the touch of your floor and simultaneously improving the outgoing sound. It can benefit not only you but also your neighbours. Especially for people who live on the upper floors of apartment buildings. They often have to worry about not disturbing other residents through noisy steps and other movements. Well, these days are over thanks to Heuga Interlay. When you install this underfloor together with Heuga carpet tiles, you will achieve a noise reduction of 4 dB. The company suggests to combine this underlay with the following Heuga collections:

Heuga Lazy Lounge/2

Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2

Heuga Soft Senses

Heuga Interlay provides you with multiple advantages

Similarly as with the firm’s carpet tiles, Interlay can be fitted easily without needing any glue or other liquid adhesives. All you need are Heuga’s glue-free installation system TacTiles. They are small invisible squares that you can place under the corners of your carpet tiles to keep them firmly in place.

Important: Do not attach the carpet tiles to the Interlay!

As mentioned earlier, the extremely resilient underlay supports the tiles and adds underfoot comfort, benefiting your entire body in subtle ways.

Another advantage is the flexibility Heuga underlay. Even when you decide to change your carpet tiles, there is no need to replace the Interlay, since it is very long lasting and does not deteriorate in any way.

The amazing benefit of this sound and heat insulating subfloor will in the long run save you time and money, while at the same time offer you more comfort and ultimately a more relaxed homely atmosphere.

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