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Cushion Cover Linn "Green" (50 x 50 cm)Image maximise icon
Cushion Cover Linn "Green" (50 x 50 cm)Image maximise icon
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  • made of Polyester
  • washable at 30 degrees, gentle wash, easy care
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • with zipper
£14.95Per Piece

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£12.95 per order

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7-10 working days

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Product Description
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Everything you need to know about Cushion Cover Linn "Green" (50 x 50 cm)

You can round off your living concept perfectly with a cushion. The decorative cushion forms a symbiosis of comfort, cosiness and fashion statement. In this way, you can add the finishing touch to your living style with the perfect pillow.

Whether natural, modern straightforward, nostalgic or cool and serene - with the decorative cushion, you can have an eye-catching effect in any room. This home accessory can not only be used as an armchair or sofa cushion but also finds its place in a cosy arrangement in your bedroom.

In our online shop, you will find a variety of decorative cushions and cushion covers that can be creatively combined creating a stimulating symbiosis with our wallpapers. Especially in combination, the cushion cover unfolds its unique charm and enables the individual highlighting of particular areas of the room. Plain cushions are wonderful for bringing a few quiet moments into the interior design, adding a little colour to the room or toning down lushly patterned cushions a little.

The cushion covers and decorative cushions from our online shop are made of easy-care materials, so you can use them without any problems to decorate busy areas such as the dining room in an appealing way. The cushion cover has a zip that is concealed by a clever recess in the fabric. This not only allows for simple cleaning of the cushion cover but also for flexible room decoration. Choose your cushions and cushion covers, for example, by season or to match other home textiles and change them as you like.

Besides, you will find cushions and cushion covers in our online shop that perfectly match our curtains and wallpapers in terms of pattern and colour scheme. Choose the right products from the multi-faceted range and create a harmonious overall picture. We recommend combining them with wallpapers from the A.S. Création Metropolitan Stories 2 collection, some of which perfectly match the design and colour scheme of the cushion covers. Combine wallpapers and cushions imaginatively and give the interior your personal touch. In this way, a decorative cushion can be used to create an ambience with a red thread and dress a room in harmony!

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