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Cheap Carpet Tiles – Premium Quality for Unbelievable Prices

For many years, carpet tiles have established their worth on the flooring market. In comparison to traditional carpeting, they are often cheaper, easier to transport, can be installed without professional help and most importantly are a good deal more flexible than carpets. The possibilities are endless when you choose this modular type of floor. In this special offer section, you will find a variety of great carpet tiles for sale. We have a carefully chosen selection of first-class products from renowned manufacturers, such as Heuga, Schatex and much more. Do not hesitate to browse our special offer section in our online shop and find reliable tiles for the best prices.

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Cheap Carpet Tiles

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Discount carpet tiles available in a multitude of appealing designs and colours

Browse our offers and you will be sure to find something of your liking. In this section, you can pick from many different colours and a broad spectrum of designs. Depending on what you prefer most, our cheap carpet tiles are available in more traditional nuances, such as grey, beige, brown and black. However, there are few more vibrant choices for you, if you fancy blue, yellow or even purple as a colour. It is up to you what way you want to go, which also applies to choosing the design. You can start with something as simple as Loop and Hair Piles offered by Schatex carpet tiles, or you can even choose between Velour surfaces and Ribbed Needle Punch by Heuga carpet tiles. There is an extremely versatile offer that provides a flooring solution for anybody in need.

High-quality flooring produced in a sustainable way – Cheap does not equal bad

Our special offers are in no way inferior to the regular collections. The reason why these products are so much cheaper is either that the assortment is not produced anymore or that there is only a limited amount left in stock. These cheap carpet tiles are available with different textures. Loop Pile is a very sturdy texture that prevents any dirt from penetrating the surface and coincidentally is easy to clean. Cut Loop Pile is more of a comfort solution that provides a softer feel, more applicable for domestic settings. Do not worry though, in this selection of discount carpet tiles, there are several options for your private home and for commercial areas (offices, retailers, trade fairs, etc.). Regardless of cheap carpet tiles or regular ones, there is no need for the environment to suffer from your choice. All the products listed in this category are eco-friendly, especially in comparison with traditional carpets. Manufacturers like Heuga put a strong emphasis on utilising a considerable amount of recycled content and producing their tiles as green as possible by reducing their emissions. Most of these products are also loose-laying which eliminates the need for liquid adhesives and other types of glue and chemicals that can cause harm to the environment. This is your chance to acquire a wonderful flooring solution for any kind of purpose and pay a remarkably low price, only available here in our online shop of BRICOFLOR UK.

Cheap carpet tiles for sale – Simple installation of durable products

These discount carpet tiles might be cheaper than many regular collections but at the same time, they are also a lot easier to install. You can lay them without the help of a professional in your home or office and there is no need of adhesives because they carry enough weight to be placed individually next to each other. Moreover, you can transport them yourself in your car, since they come in boxes of 50cm x 50cm tiles. Another benefit is the fact that you can choose different colours from one collection and create your own unique floor according to your taste. Depending on the carpet tile, there are different ways you can lay them to achieve a creative look, e.g. checkerboard pattern. Ultimately, you have the possibility to buy cheap carpet tiles that can match the quality of regular tiles for an unbeatable price. Whether you need improvement for your home or for your office, these immensely hardwearing and reliable products will provide a simple, yet efficient solution.

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Do not look any further! Browse our cheap carpet tiles section and find your premium flooring solution for an amazing price. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service with any additional questions, since we will be glad to help you! When you have made your choice, we will gladly send you free samples, so you can see the quality for yourself and rest assured. see the quality for yourself and rest assured.

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