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Desso – A quality carpet tile manufacturer dating back to 1930

The renowned manufacturer Desso can look back on a long-lasting history of producing carpets. With more than 80 years of experience, this enterprise is currently active in more than 100 countries, which supports the company’s philosophy and quality. Naturally, carpet tiles are an important part of their broad assortment. Their main focus is on their formidable designs and their extremely sustainable Cradle-to-Cradle concepts. 

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However, not only the environment benefits from their concept but the customer does too, since Desso realise how vital it is to have a healthy indoor air quality. Almost 90% of people’s time is spent indoors, which is a crucial factor that this company involves in their carpet tile production. The usual characteristics of modular carpeting can be found in Desso’s assortment – Flexibility, loose-lay, easy transport – in addition to the incredible eagerness to innovate. The firm has come up with many user-friendly technologies to further enhance the quality of life of their customers. For starters, there is the air filtering technology AirMaster, as well as SoundMaster for improved acoustics and last but not least the environmentally friendly EcoBase backing, all of which are a sign of how serious Desso take the wellbeing of their customers. With the help of these innovative technologies, Desso established themselves as one of the leading carpet tile manufacturers on the market. Their flooring options are mainly targeted at commercial areas, such as larger offices or nautical and aviation facilities.

High quality and design standards are what Desso carpet tiles offer your business

Since we spend a large proportion of our time indoors - for work and social life – it is vital how we design our interior area, since it can affect the mood as well as work performance and living quality. Desso realised the importance of this fact and involved this thought into their carpet tile production by considering modern trends for interior design. They emphasise creativity and eye for detail when tailoring their diverse selection of products for all different types of rooms. Their ambitious team of designers match colour, patterns, and quality for any desired and individualistic look or atmosphere you want, whether it is innovative or reflective, comfortable or invigorating. Apart from a modern and enticing design, Desso provides a huge range of colour choices, scaling from subtle and natural to intensive and vibrant or you can pick a classy and more neutral nuance. Additionally, they offer various types of textures. There is coarse and fine veining, stripes or dotted patterns, even the choice between linear texturing or organic and freely moving lines. Desso carpet tiles are available in countless variations fostering an individual and creative presentation. Furthermore, they are implementable in almost any area you can imagine and wherever you lay this floor, it has a positive effect on health, happiness and finally improves the work performance of people inside the room. The use of first-class recycled yarns ensures a flawless product that is durable and long-lasting.

Desso Essence: Loose-lay carpet tiles for first timers

Desso Essence has become incredibly popular because of its exceptionally appealing design combined with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The high-class Loop Pile consists of 100% Polyamide and is advisable for use in residential as well as commercial areas. This collection of loose-lay carpet tiles is available in 24 colours, all of which contain a mixture of perfectly matched yarn nuances that provide a discreet yet enticing veining. The range includes a diversified colour palette, from classic beige, grey and black to vivid red, blue or even orange. All tones can be freely combined according to your specific preferences and if that is not creative enough for you, you can even mix Desso Essence with different designs from Desso Essence Maze and Desso Essence Structure for an additional impact and uniqueness.

Due to the resilient product features, all Essence collections are suitable for heavy commercial use (wear class 33) and cannot be damaged by chair casters and other furniture. Besides that, these carpet tiles include antistatic properties and are flame-retardant while at the same time the sound insulation capabilities limit the noise created by busy foot traffic.

Pillowsoft carpet tiles: Desso Torso

 A completely different structural surface, yet the same high quality is: Desso Torso with its frizzled velour quality can be recognised through the mixture of a fluffy surface and extreme resilience. Equipped with an appealing visual melange, loose-lay Desso Torso carpet tiles are the perfect match for any room that requires high durability and exceptional comfort at the same time. An impressive selection of 60 colours ensures that Desso Torso has something for anyone’s taste in their assortment. If you are wondering about the damage chair casters can cause or functionality of an underfloor heating, in both cases there is no need to worry. This strong and stable carpet tile adds a luxurious feel to any room and thanks to the soft velour surface, any type of noise caused by footsteps is reduced drastically.

Loose-lay Desso carpet tiles: Simple installation for anyone

The additional comfort that carpeting provides compared to smooth flooring is already a known fact. There is a softer underfoot comfort and room acoustics are greatly improved. There is also the possibility to present a more colourful floor. Now when you choose carpet tiles, you get even more benefits to the already mentioned ones. Modular floor covering increases the creative options and flexibility drastically since it extremely easy to transport them and you can combine different coloured tiles to create a special look tailored to your preferences. Another impressive advantage of carpet tiles compared to traditional rolls is that there is absolutely no need to make large offcuts, which means that ultimately you are left with less waste and the environment is a little safer too. As if these arguments are not already convincing enough, these are loose-lay tiles, which means all you need to do is cover your floor with them and that’s it! No further need for adhesives or other types of liquid glues, thanks to the self-weight and stable backing. Moreover, imagine you have to move for some reason, carpet tiles can easily be removed and transported, an option no other type of flooring would give you.  

Taking the sustainable approach with Desso carpet tiles

To become the leader in the production of the most environmentally friendly carpet tiles – That is the goal of the high-performance firm Desso. They are known for their creativity in terms of designing, but it should not be forgotten that their approach towards sustainability is immensely progressive too. Creativity and functionality are combined in Desso’s Cradle to Cradle. In this project, they want to change the linear economic system and instead create a circle system that uses, recycles and reuses, from material to product and repeat. By doing this there will be less strain on nature and the shortage of resources is limited as well. This method helps Desso create its own withdrawal system that takes apart old carpet tiles and reuses the recycled material for new products. In addition, most collections already use recycled Econyl yarns. By the year 2020, all of Desso’s assortment should be manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle approach.

Innovative Desso carpet tile technologies: AirMaster, SoundMaster, EcoBase

Already the standard version of Desso’s carpet tiles is hard to beat in terms of quality and design, since they invoke a better room atmosphere, dampen the sound and generally enhance the living quality with regard to preserving the environment. With Desso technologies, there is even a way to go one step further and upgrade the standard version with optional improvements.

AirMaster is one of the firm’s most famous systems, which involves a nifty interaction of the Desso Airfilter yarn and the Desso DustCollector. Together these two filter the dust particles of the indoor air and reduce the fine dust by a great margin. The unique structure of these carpet tiles savour the particles until the next time you decide to vacuum. In this way, they are not spread throughout the room and the air you breathe is cleaner and more healthy.  

Another option available to increase the comfort of living is Desso SoundMaster. To continue on the sustainable path, the company uses 80% recycled content for the backing creating an exceptionally quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Where conventional carpet tiles already reduce noise, SoundMaster increases the footfall sound insulation by 15 dB and the acoustical sound absorption by 100%. Like this, you can ensure a more efficient working environment by improving the productivity.

To comply with today’s high environmental standards, Desso made it their mission to produce a sustainable backing called EcoBase. This system mainly consists of verifiable Cradle to Cradle environmentally friendly and harmless materials. Additionally, the polyolefin layer of EcoBase is completely recyclable in Desso’s own manufacturing site. If you decide to go with Desso carpet tiles you will get all-in-one, the product, design, functionality, and sustainability.

Desso carpet tiles are now available online on BRICOFLOR UK

As a specialist for floor covering solutions, it is imperative that we also provide products from Desso. The great choice of colours and design make this innovative manufacturer of carpet tiles an appealing option for your place. Browse our online shop and find the right item for you. If you are uncertain, go ahead and order free samples first and once you have convinced yourself of the quality, we will gladly help you finalise your purchase. If there should be any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us here at BRICOFLOR UK