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Granorte Design-Trend - Comfortable Cork Flooring With Chic Designs

If you want a sustainable floor that can visually keep up with modern design floors, you should reach for a cork floor from the Granorte Design-Trend collection! The Portuguese manufacturer places particular emphasis on the environmentally friendly production and use of its floors. The cork floors from Granorte combine elegant decors with innovative features for the benefit of humans and nature!

Reducing The Burden On The Environment With Cork Flooring

Cork is a material that brings with it special advantages. Cork is the name given to the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean region and comes mainly from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Before the first cork is harvested, the tree must have reached the age of 25 years. This serves, on the one hand, to protect the tree, on the other hand, to be able to guarantee better product quality. Every nine years the cork can be separated from the oak. Only in this way the tree is not damaged and can form a new cork bark.

Due to the independent regeneration of the cork oak, it is considered a renewable resource and offers a sustainable way of flooring production. To help the environment, it has become increasingly important to switch to natural alternatives. Granorte has recognised this and relies on a high cork content for all floors in the Granorte Trend collection. The floorings of the Design-Trend series, are almost completely made of organic material and inspire by their versatile usage.

The Advantages Of Cork Combined In One Floor

A floor made of cork not only impresses with environmental friendliness but also has many other benefits. The unique honeycomb structure of cork consists of tiny cells filled with air. For this reason, the volume of the material consists of about 80% gaseous components. As a result, Cork Flooring gains characteristic lightness and flexibility. Since cork contains suberin as a component, it is impermeable to gas and liquids. This results in the best thermal and acoustic insulation properties, which make the cork flooring quiet and warm to the feet.
In the case of fire, having a floor made of cork material also gives you an advantage. Cork does not spread flames and does not emit toxic gases in case of combustion. The honeycomb structure also makes it impact and abrasion-resistant. People suffering from asthma do not have to worry either: Granorte cork floors do not absorb dust and therefore do not cause allergies. A flooring that provides all-around carefree living and embellishes the room with the best qualities!

Infinite Design Possibilities - The Decorties Of The Granorte Design Trend Collection

We often decide whether a floor appeals to us or not. To also impress visually, the Granorte Design-Trend Collection contains a wide selection of different designs. The 16 wood reproductions range from very light and fine-grained designs to dark, rustic surfaces. There is a suitable cork floor for every interior design style. Besides, the many oak imitations, Granorte's Design Trend range also includes a larch imitation. This is characterized by a warm, friendly heartwood, which forms an exciting contrast to the significantly darker grain. The characteristic, fine channels of resin are authentically integrated into the wear layer and therefore appear even more natural. The cork floor with larch decor offers universal application possibilities and also warms up larger areas visually. The harmonious, reddish undertone gives the room more cosiness and comfort, without being too concise.

The Granorte Design Trend "Oak pearl" decor also sticks out externally from the collection. With its soft white colour, it gives small areas more of an open look and makes the room look larger. The fine grain emphasizes the elegant appearance of the cork floor and makes it look high-quality and modern. Granorte Cork Flooring, therefore, matches darker and more rustic interior design concepts very well. As a friendly counterpart to deep brown or even black furniture, it rounds off the overall picture and unites the individual components in an appealing way.

Granorte Cork Floors - Technically Up To Date

The advantages of the cork material come together perfectly in the floors of the Granorte Design-Trend collection. And if this was not enough, they also have the best possible technical features. An integrated impact sound insulation provides a pleasant walking feeling with significantly improved acoustics. The cork floor becomes warm and comfortable when used with underfloor heating. This causes the versatile nature friend no difficulties. Completely PVC-free, the click cork floor from Granorte is even more natural and is characterized by completely healthy living properties. The thick wear layer makes the flooring scratch- and abrasion-resistant and at the same time makes it more robust. Greater strains are no obstacle for Granorte cork flooring. The highest usage class for living areas (NK 23) testifies to the pronounced durability, which is underlined by the 10-year manufacturer's guarantee.
The manufacturer's Uniclic joint makes laying the floor child's play, even for the layman. By simply clicking the planks together without tools, joint-free and form-fitting anchoring is created. With high fitting accuracy and excellent connection stability, the cork floor offers a pleasant and smooth appearance even after a long time. An HDF support layer compensates for fine unevenness in the subfloor, so these do not have to be meticulously removed before installation.

Granorte Design-Trend Cork Floors Order Now At Bricoflor

If you want to furnish your home with more sustainability without sacrificing a fancy look, discover the Granorte Design-Trend collection at BRICOFLOR now! Thanks to our sample service, you can order the innovative cork flooring to your home on a trial basis and see immediately on-site which decor suits you best. If you would like some advice in advance, feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or via our Contact Form. A professional and friendly staff member will be happy to assist you and prepare an individual offer together with you. Find your dream floor and benefit from the BRICOFLOR best price guarantee!

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