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Fortelock Décor 2110/2120/2130 - Long-Term Stability and Trendy Tiles

The elegant PVC floor tiles of the Fortelock Decor range inspire with its exceptionally durable construction. This is a stylish collection designed specifically for those commercial areas where hundreds of people visit to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. The decors are characterised by classical elegance whilst the interlocking tiles focus on meeting the highest functional requirements.


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Superior Commercial Flooring Qualities - Fortelock Decor Interlocking Tiles

The interlocking floor tiles from the Fortelock Decor collection are highly durable, safe and elegant. Durability and function are the foundation of every flooring in any commercial setting, and creating a comfortable and inviting ambience is also key. These are the exact qualities that the Fortelock Decor range offers. With a robust construction and a strong lock system, these interlocking tiles offer a large range of hardwearing benefits. The floor tiles features superior high resistance to wear and are slip resistant (R10), increasing the quality of your interiors. The Fortelock Decor tiles are also water and moisture impervious, which is a great benefit for allergy sufferers as it prevents the form of mold whilst also increasing the quality of the room climate. What’s more, the floors were built to withstand the movement of chairs like swivel chair wheels

High Chemical Resistance for Easy Maintenance

A great benefit of the PVC tiles is its easy maintenance and cleaning. Whilst being able to withstand impacts and seepage of liquids, the surface is also chemical resistant, and perfect for anti-allergic environments. The long term stability of these floor tiles make them exceptionally easy to clean and keep in long-lasting and tip-top condition.

Low Cost and Time Saving Installation

The Fortelock Decor collections feature a first class interlocking system that enables the tiles to be secured with strong locks. The connections fit together like a sturdy jigsaw and result in a secure and seamless finish, for a smooth surface aesthetic. Minimal surface preparation is required prior to installation, and these tiles save you time: you can install the floor tiles up to 55% faster than glue down tiles. The subfloor must be completely even, without any cracks or dust, adequately firm, clean and dry. Once the substrate is prepared, you can begin by laying the tiles from right to left of the room, with the hidden side of the locks on the open side. It is recommended to install lines at a time. It is also easy to replace damaged of dirty tiles just as easily, and minimal effort is needed to remove and replace individual tiles.

Fortelock Home Decor 2110 - Authentic Wood Optics

The interlocking floor tiles from the Fortelock Home Decor accurately resemble wooden flooring with a stylish flair. This collection is designed for those homely interiors. The Fortelock floor tiles feature a hard wearing upper layer for added protection against scuffs and scratches. That is why this collection is perfectly suited for those home interiors with pets, as you receive a stylish and charming wood look floor, with high levels of durability for the most demanding spaces.

Fortelock Business Decor 2120 - Stone Optics in Superior Strength

The Business Decor by Fortelock achieves the wear classes 34 and 43, making them suited for commercial and industrial areas with heavy loads of traffic. Areas of application include offices, workrooms, showrooms, staff facilities, shops, trade fairs, restaurants, schools and hospitals. The high-quality material also ensures excellent thermal insulation and adds to the room acoustics. Its’ safety features include slip resistance value of R10 and a fire behaviour class Bfl-s1. The beautiful beige optics help to achieve a comforting ambience in any room whilst its varying tones and shading help to disguise any dirt or smears.

Fortelock Solid Decor 2130 - Homogeneous Tiles for High Loads

The high class designs of the Fortelock Solid Decor range are perfectly suited for commercial spaces including offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and receptions. With a total thickness of 6.5mm and good chemical resistance, the collection is exceptionally resilient. The collection is recommended for interiors with high operating loads. The bright silver and stone-like optics are homogeneous, making a bright and optically uniform surface.

Discover the Fortelock Decor Collection Now at BRICOFLOR

For stylish interlocking tiles with high resistance to wear and have long-term stability, choose the Fortelock Decor tiles. Created to withstand high operational loads and offer superior abrasion resistance, these floor tiles are sure to fulfil all your flooring requirements. Benefit from our free sample service so you can assess the qualities of the designs for yourself before placing your order. What’s more, for large quantity orders we offer our customers individualised offers so you can attain your new flooring at an even better price. To get in touch with our team, simply call, email, or complete our contact form. We are happy to assist you with your order and answer any questions you have

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