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BerryAlloc Eternity Collection Laminate Flooring

With an ultra-realistic wooden appearance, the BerryAlloc Eternity collection allows you to enjoy all the advantages of real wood flooring without any of the inconveniences. This long-lasting, water-resistant laminate flooring is truly one of a kind. 

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BerryAlloc Eternity

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This collection is built to withstand intense foot traffic and is the perfect marriage of style and substance. These can even be used for commercial floor solutions. This is a floor that you can truly love forever.

Long Lasting Quality

BerryAlloc laminate flooring has exceptional resilience of these floors sing of their high quality and craftsmanship. Their wear grading for this collection is Class 32 ana an impressive AC5 abrasion resistnace class which can withstand an enormous amount of foot traffic and even come with a residential lifetime warranty, so you and your floor can live happily ever after.

Exquisite Designs with Water-Resistant Technology

Such unique and luxurious laminate flooring products have a wide range of unique images across a large surface area of material used in the manufacturing process to avoid the repeat pattern effect that can occur with some lesser laminate floorings that other flooring companies may provide. This is one of the many things that make BerryAlloc superior to many of the competing market, with many designs to fall in love with. Not only this, the BerryAlloc Eternity collection comes with HydroPlus technology which makes the flooring water resistant. This is a special treatment coated on the sides of the planks that has water repellent properties. This means no water can come through the bevels that may compromise your flooring.

Luxurious To Total Thickness

With a resilient 8mm thickness, this collection ensures you have excellent durability and long lasting quality. This thickness is vital to the performance of your flooring and is incomparable in most competitor laminate flooring.  Another beautiful feature that the BerryAlloc Eternity range offers is their authentic wood design that is used to create the surface patterns. This hyper realistic quality laminate flooring makes the collection stand out from the rest with is extensive surface textures. This involves taking a wide variety of wood images to create the effect of diversity throughout your floor with more images being unique. BerryAlloc has a reputation for Excellency due to their Real Wood Structure that is created by embossing the melamine resin before it sets to make the texture feel similar to real wood surfaces.

Simple And Quick Installation

You will love the Duo Loc 5 technology, which is a simple method of installation with very few steps, even the unpracticed DIY customer can lay this flooring with no problem.  Floating installation refers to a laying method that forgoes the need for glue or tools other than a simple saw.  All you need to begin is BerryAlloc underlay, BerryAlloc laminate flooring, BerryAlloc skirting materials and either a hand or electric saw. With only three easy to follow instructions you can complete your laminate flooring very quickly. The first simple step is to place your BerryAlloc underlay on the floor. You must use a good quality underlay as this is very important to make sure the floor can absorb the impact when you are walking on it. This results in very effective sound insulation which works by isolating any noise. Follow the installation method that comes with your flooring and then simply add polish as the final step.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

The BerryAlloc Eternity collection allows you peace of mind as BerryAlloc is a very ecologically friendly company with a certification for emissions rating at A+. All their floorings have been certified by PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This is an international no profit organisation that dedicates it’s time to preserving the environment by promoting Sustainable Forest Management.

BerryAlloc: From BRICOFLOR, For You

BRICOFLOR offers a thoughtfully selected range of BerryAlloc products for an excellent value. We can provide you with samples in order for you to ascertain the most suitable colours and textures to compliment the desired tone in your space. We have a strong belief in every manufacturer we supply and we hope you will place your trust in us. For any further information or a personalised quote don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your needs.