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£10.95 per tile
corresponds to £43,80 / 1 m²
£10.95 per tile
corresponds to £43,80 / 1 m²

Grand total
(incl. VAT)
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£69.95 per order

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12-14 working days

Product advantages

  • 12-Year Wear Warranty
  • Easy To Install
  • Perfect For Garages, Gyms and Workshops
  • Extemely Durable
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Delivery iconShipping: 

£69.95 per order

Delivery time iconDelivery time: 

12-14 working days

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3. Fortelock Light 2050 "Diamond Black"

The Fortelock Light range is a resilient collection of interlocking floor tiles for a wide range of applications! Equip your garages, hobby rooms, boiler rooms, car service workshops, showrooms, exhibition rooms as well as offices! What's more, Fortelock flooring excels in easy installation, done simply with a rubber hammer and a utility knife.

The product itself has a total thickness of 7-8 mm and weighs 1.4kg per tile. In the dimension of 50 x50cm you get the exciting and wersatile material in up to thirteen colours! Whether you would rather has a classic black, graphite or grey tile on your floor, or perhaps you would like to create a vibrant space. With Fortelock Light you have the freedom to create a truly unique space. Design your floor entirely according to your own ideas. Create unique arrangements by combining several colours together. This allows individual areas to be divided and work paths identified. Depending on the series, you will also get Fortelock Light with up to three different surfaces. Forw example, use Fortelock 2050 for an attractive checkered look, purchase a smooth grained finish with Fortelock 2060, or get a nub structure aesthetic with the  vinyl floor tiles of the Fortelock Light 2080. Design your rooms as you wish with Fortelock Light!

The Air Flow System actively combats moisture, preventing the formation and spread of mold and other harmful microorganisms. In addition, the material insulates sound, heat and vibrations, and helps you to achieve increased concentration. In addition, it proves to be resistant to wheelchairs and prevents the spread of liquids on your LVT flooring.

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5. Technical data

Main features

  • Anti-slip Propertiesup to 0.75 dynamic coefficient of friction (EN 13893)
  • ColourBlack
  • Fastness to Light> 5
  • Wear ResistanceT
  • Total Thickness7-8 mm
  • UsageMedium Traffic
  • Total Weight1.4kg/tile
  • Dimensions50.00 x 50.00 cm
  • Installation SystemInterlocking system